King's Park Vision Fund 2022

The Vision Fund gives us an opportunity to join together as a church family to support our vision to be a City on a Hill and a Light to the Nations. This special fund allows us to go beyond our normal operating budget to do more to reach the lost and help those in need. Since November 2021, we raised $186,000 toward the ministry and activities of the Vision Fund.

We have identified a number of priorities for the 2023 Vision Fund. In addition to our City on a Hill and Light to the Nations projects, we are also asking God to provide the resources to fully retire the debt on our sanctuary.

City On A Hill

Designations in this category will focus on ministry opportunities inside King’s Park and within our local community. We are believing to raise $205,000 for these projects.

  • Equipment needed by the Media ministry so we can see people reached and encouraged through online platforms ($150,000)
  • Support for church ministries and outreaches, especially those that serve the Next Generation and Campus Outreaches at King’s Park ($20,000)
  • Our Hope Fund, which provides assistance for individuals and families of King’s Park during times of financial need ($5,000)
  • Assistance for House of Mercy Clothing Closet & Food Pantry  ($20,000)
  • Inner-city ministry to children and families in the Cornwallis Housing community through The Life Center ($10,000)

Light to the Nations

Designations in this category will focus on projects and needs outside of the King’s Park community. We are believing to raise $57,000 for these projects, which include the following:

  • Reaching Unreached People Groups (UPGs), including supporting the work of Jordan Lewis Missions (JLM), a ministry of King’s Park established to honor the life and legacy of Jordan Lewis, which supports indigenous ministry teams focused on reaching unreached people groups who have yet to hear about Jesus ($20,000)
  • Care for Orphans, including our Adoption Fund and supporting the work of Friends of Mirembe, a ministry providing housing, food, clothing, medical care and transportation for African Children’s Choir while touring ($7,000). Mark your calendar for January 15, 2023 when we will host the African Children's Choir during our Sunday morning service!
  • International missionaries: Charles & Tiffany Kiefer, as well as Caitlin Ball, who have been sent out from King’s Park ($30,000)

Debt Retirement

Our final goal for the 2023 Vision Fund is raising the necessary resources to payoff the outstanding debt on our facility at Odyssey Drive. For twenty years, this building has been the setting for countless lives transformed in our weekend services, groups and classes, as well as special events. We currently owe just under $2.2 million dollars on this property. We have raised and allocated $700,000 already toward this goal and are believing to raise the remaining funds by December 31, 2023.

Thanks to your generosity last year, we received over $185,000 to advance the Vision. Will you prayerfully consider a generous contribution to the Vision of King’s Park? You can click here to give.

As we have talked about our plans and Vision for the year, a number of members have shared how God has answered miraculous prayers in the area of finances. If you have a testimony you'd like to share, would you email it to