King's Park Youth

We are passionate about teenagers knowing God, growing together, discovering purpose and making a difference.

youth group

Welcome to the King's Park Youth Ministry! Our goal is for every teenager to know, live, and tell The Story of God. Come join us and find out more about how His story can become your own. 


Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM
Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM

King's Park Fellowship Hall

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Middle School

King's Park Youth

This is a unique time in life where young people develop in key areas of their identity. Our program works specifically with this age group to help them where they are. Your kids will have fun as they hang out with great people and learn what God says about them.

High School

King's Park Youth Ministry

Students need to have great guidance to help them navigate the unique challenges they face as they’re growing into adulthood. We provide teaching from the Bible to serve as a north start for making decisions that will shape the future.

Kings Park Youth


Relationships are a critical part of the lives of teenagers. We provide great environments where teens can come together and build these relationships. Adults serve as mentors to connect students with Biblical truth and help them apply it to their specific situations. Our desire is to partner with parents to help teenagers thrive as they transition into becoming adults.