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    How do I grow as a believer at King's Park?

    stepONEFollow We believe the first step in growing as a Christian is Knowing God. We make it a point every week in our Sunday services to present the Gospel in a way that invites everyone into relationship with Jesus. In addition, our “stepONE: Follow” class, offered on 1st Sundays following the service, provides an opportunity for us to share the Gospel in more detail, including information about Water Baptism.
    stepTWOConnect Once a person is on their journey of knowing God, we believe their best next step is to connect with others in community by joining a LIFE Group and joining the church. Our “stepTWO: Connect” class, offered on 2nd Sunday’s following the service, details how people can partner with King’s Park to fulfill our mission, and join a LIFE Group.
    stepTHREEDiscover After a person is on the journey of knowing God and growing in community with others, we believe their next step is to Discover the unique purpose God has placed inside them. Our “stepTHREE: Discover” class, offered on 3rd Sundays following the service, is where we help people identify their spiritual gifts and personality traits, and introduce ways to start utilizing them in their lives.
    stepFOURServe Once equipped with the knowledge of their God given purpose, while pursuing God and growing in community, we believe a person’s next step is to turn their life outward and start making a difference in the lives of others through serving on the Go Team. Our “stepFOUR: Serve” class, offered on 4th Sunday’s following the service, is where people have the opportunity to speak with a ministry leader one on one to discuss their next steps, and the possibility of serving on the Go Team.

    Our next series of Growth Track classes begins June 4. Please click here to RSVP.

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