King's Park

King’s Park International Church Vision Fund

The Vision Fund is how we as a church family join together to support our King’s Park vision to be a City on a Hill and a Light to the Nations.

We are trusting God to raise $300,000. Will you prayerfully consider a generous contribution to the VISION of King’s Park?



Thanks to everyone who gave in 2017 and 2018, we saw over $320K poured into advancing the Vision.

Those funds allowed us as a church family to

  • get new flooring on the Lower Level, easier to clean and more presentable for guests and members of our congregation.
  • install new parking lot lighting which is both more energy efficient and safer
  • launch our new leader training program, Lead Well, and a new pastoral care initiative, Section Hosts
  • resource children, youth, campus and worship ministries, including an app based Children’s Check-in system which rolled out November 4
  • Through Jordan Lewis Missions, provide funds for a church building for one of our missionaries in India
  • provide funds to help EveryNation missionaries come to the World Conference next summer
  • set aside funds for an upgrade to our wireless infrastructure and to begin improvements in our sound

As we look to 2019, we have identified a number of priorities for the goal we have set for the coming season which is to channel another $300,000 into continued expansion of this Vision. 

King’s Park Vision Fund

King’s Park’s Vision Fund has two major categories:

City On A Hill

City on a Hill category focuses on ministry opportunities inside King’s Park and in our local community. We are believing to raise $150,000 for these projects.

  • Next Generation:
    • Children: raising funds for classroom upgrades and curriculum investment to serve families of King’s Park and reach families in our community
    • Youth: helping fund summer missions for King’s Park Youth
    • College Students: Ministry on local campuses
    • Life Center: inner-city ministry to children and families at the Cornwallis Housing community
  • Family Ministry: Funds to support our ministries to Men, Women, Marriage and Young Professionals
  • AED equipment and safety training for our volunteers and staff to be prepared in case of medical emergencies on our premises
  • Guest signage on the highway and around the parking lot, and other building upgrades
  • Sunday Morning Worship Experience: upgrading equipment to enhance the worship experience
  • Plans for a Ministry Internship

Light to the Nations

Light to the Nations category focuses on projects and needs outside of the King’s Park community. We are believing to raise $150,000 for these projects.

  • Church Planting: Supporting current and future site congregations or church plants, both national and international, especially as we send the Kiefers next summer to Paris, France, also including Chicago, New York, Taiwan and site congregations. We also set aside funds to be available for future sites or church plants.
  • Compassion: Supporting orphans through the African Children’s Choir and the Adoption Fund. We have also recently helped fund the House of Mercy Clothing Closet & Food Pantry connected with our Hispanic congregation and the Refugee outreach in our Raleigh congregation.
  • Jordan Lewis Missions (JLM) is a ministry of King’s Park established to honor the life and legacy of Jordan Lewis. JLM supports indigenous ministry teams focused on reaching unreached people groups (UPG’s) who have yet to hear about Jesus. Currently, JLM is targeting 25 UPG’s in China. Across the Middle East we are impacting the refugee community with the Gospel in places like Jordan and Syria. In Pakistan over 1200 churches have been planted through our partner and a new water pump strategy is opening previously unreached villages to the Gospel. In India, we are building churches among the least reached, impoverished people with our friend Pastor Yesupadam.




What about Commission?

For those who have been around a while, you may recall that many of these projects have historically been funded through Commission, which focused on joining together as a community to advance God’s mission in the Triangle and around the globe. The Vision Fund will replace the annual focus of fundraising for Commission.



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