King's Park

Meet & Mingle

Meet & Mingle is for women who are new to King’s Park. It’s a small, informal group setting at one of our women’s home. This group of women who are new to King’s Park can meet each other, connect, and learn more about King’s Park over coffee and dessert. For more information or to host a Meet & Mingle email, Denaa Griffin.

Women’s LIFE Groups

We have multiple Life Groups available for women. Please view our Life Groups Directory to find a list of all of our groups.


Bomi Roberson

Bomi Roberson is the King’s Park Women’s Director. She is an avid HGTV viewer, enjoys browsing and pinning creative ideas on Pinterest, and enjoys most  Do-It-Yourself projects. Bomi is passionate about prayer, interpersonal communication, and leadership development, and enjoys teaching about the word of God. You can often find her doing something with her kids, a DIY project, designing invitations for special events, praying with others or teaching a bible study. Bomi is married to Reggie who serves as the Lead Pastor of King’s Park. They have three children – Nickolas, David, and Shiloh-Kemi.

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