I have the privilege of helping bring the Kingdom of God into the lives of people as I work with King’s Park and the Schools of Empowerment, one of our ministry training programs. I began working in full-time ministry in 2012 after four amazing years as a college student attending our Every Nation Campus ministry at UNC Chapel Hill, where my life was impacted and transformed for the glory of God. As a new believer coming into college, I found it extremely life-giving to have a community of believers to help me walk out my faith every day. Since then I have received my Master’s of Divinity from Liberty University. 

Now alongside my husband James, I enjoy helping other believers walk out that same lifestyle of having an active relationship with Jesus. My role with the Schools of Empowerment also gives me the opportunity to provide a space for college students, campus missionaries, pastors and all others to experience God in a powerful way through theological teaching, in-depth worship, practical life application and evangelism skills. These ministry schools have reshaped people’s expectations for how God can and will move through them to show His love to the world. This truly is what my heart longs for — to see God made tangible for everyone.