Our Purpose:

The purpose of the Communications Team is to help the people of King’s Park and our guests take their next steps.

Our Priorities:

  • Communicate essential information with clarity, accuracy, simplicity and efficiency.
  • Identify and remove barriers that are keeping people from taking their next steps.
  • No chaos. Less noise.

Our Process:

The Communications Team oversees the King’s Park brand, our online presence (including the website, social media channels and groups, review sites, etc.), video, photography, church-wide signage and print communications, promotions for programs and events, weekly announcements and eNews.

If you need a graphic designed, promotions for your program/event or you would like to use our logo in any way (on a t-shirt, mug, flyer, sign, etc.), start here:

Communications Requests

All requests must be submitted to the Communications Director using the proper forms. 

  • Submit all communications needs through our Communications Request form. This includes requests for announcements, social media posts, registration forms, graphics, updates to an existing page on the website, a photographer or videographer and promotional videos.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the Communications Request Guidelines and be aware of timelines before completing that form here. We do our best to accommodate every request, but timeframes, the current calendar and current projects factor into every request.
  • If you need a graphic for your event or program, you can have the Communications department create the design, hire someone or use a competent volunteer. If you choose to hire a graphic designer, use a volunteer or design something yourself, please note that any graphic for a printed piece or product that will 1) be seen or distributed church-wide or to the public and/or 2) use the church logo must adhere to our branding guidelines and should be submitted to the Communications Director for approval. You can find the branding guidelines, logo and official fonts here. Submit your design using this form. All feedback and approvals will be managed within that form. Please allow a full work week for responses.

Quick Links

Other Resources You Might Need

  • If you need to reserve a room, please do so through Planning Center
  • If you need childcare, please request it through Planning Center. Contact Kristen Robinson if you have questions or do not have a Planning Center account.
  • If you have tech or production needs, please request them through Planning Center. Contact Thomas Ward if you have questions or do not have a Planning Center account.