Last Update: October 22, 2021

We’re excited about the opportunity to meet together at the church again. Please review these guidelines as you consider joining us in person.

Guidelines for Attending Service In-Person:

  • Watch from home at and do not attend an in-person gathering at the church if any of the following descriptions apply:
    • You have had a fever of 100.4 or higher in the past 14 days
    • You have had exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19
    • You have any medical reason you believe you shouldn’t be around others
  • We are encouraging everyone to wear a mask while in the building. Please consult the CDC and NCDHHS guidance on mask wearing. [updated 8/18/21]
  • We are doing our best to accomodate social distancing, but as we move closer to our seating capacity, we have identified two sections that we will open for those who arrive later in the service. These sections will not be socially distanced. [added 8/25/21]
  • Remain seated after service until your section is dismissed. We will dismiss section by section. [updated 5/18/21]
  • Practice social distancing at all times (even during worship).
  • Bathrooms will be open in the Family Lobby and the Baptismal Lobby. Use the restroom before service, if possible. If you have to use the restroom during service, please use the ones in the Baptismal Lobby.
  • Try to keep indoor fellowship to a minimum before and after service. We have set up space for you to connect outdoors.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer stations located in the Family Lobby.
  • Please sign up for online giving or place your offering envelope in the giving box in the Family Lobby.

Our COVID-19 Protocols:

  • Our HVAC system has been deep cleaned and the filters we use have the same filtration as the N95 masks (0.3 microns).
  • Hand-sanitizing stations will be available throughout the building.
  • All high-volume areas will be thoroughly sanitized before and after service.
  • No hospitality food or beverages will be offered.
  • We will not pass offering buckets. Instead, there are boxes available for giving. We also encourage you to continue giving online.
  • All seatback materials, papers and pens have been removed.
  • We will follow a specific traffic flow in and out of the sanctuary. Floors have been marked and our greeters and ushers will guide you as you enter and exit. You can view the map here.

Kids and Youth

We have reopened Kid’s Ministry classes for children 2 years old through 4th Grade as classroom and Go Team Member capacity permits (updated 10/22/21). Kids are also invited to participate in the Sunday morning service with their family, watch the Bible story video each week, and join a kids’ Life Group! Visit for more information or to signup to be part of our Kids Ministry Go Team. Our youth have transitioned back to weekly gatherings in the fellowship hall. Visit to sign up for the youth parent email list.

King’s Park at Home

Our livestream will continue on Youtube and We encourage you to continue attending online if you or a family member doesn’t feel well, or if you’re just not ready to attend church in the sanctuary. You’re part of the King’s Park family no matter where you choose to attend! We also invite you to join our online community and women’s group on Facebook.

We Want to Pray for You

We understand how hard this season has been and we’re praying for God’s guidance and wisdom in all of the choices you face in the weeks ahead. If you need prayer or any other pastoral care, please visit our Pastoral Care page.

It’s important for all of us to consider the following:

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization and is reported to be extremely contagious. The state of medical knowledge is ever-evolving, but the virus is believed to spread from person-to-person contact and/or by contact with contaminated surfaces and objects, and even in the air. People reportedly can be infected and show no symptoms and therefore spread the disease. The exact methods of spread and contraction are unknown, and there is no known treatment, cure, or vaccine for COVID-19. Evidence has shown that COVID-19 can cause serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses and even death. King’s Park International Church cannot prevent me or my family members from becoming exposed to, contracting, or spreading COVID-19 while on the Church’s property or when participating in the Church’s programs. Therefore, by entering the King’s Park International Church facility or participating in one of its programs, I acknowledge that I may be exposing myself and my family members to and/or increasing my/our risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19.