King's Park

Programs For Children Ages 6 Months To Grade 5

At King’s Park, we have dynamic programs for children ages 6 months to grade 5 during our Sunday morning service. We want to see the next generation of children raised up to be everything God has for them. We want to partner with parents and help make a great impact on the children in our church family and community.

What to Expect

Our kid’s check-in area is located in the lower lobby. At the check-in area, you’ll be greeted by a volunteer who will help you register your child/ren. You’ll be given two stickers with your child’s name, a number and what class your child is in. One sticker is for you and one is for your child.

If we need you for any reason (like if your child is really upset and we can’t comfort them) your child’s number will appear on the screens in the sanctuary. Your child’s number will be printed on your sticker.

When picking up your child/ren after service, make sure you bring the sticker with you. If you lose this sticker, you will be required to produce a valid picture ID. If you delegate another individual to pick up your child, they must have the sticker.


Children’s Programs Divided Based On Children’s Age

  • Nursery

    Children experience God’s love and care in a practical way in our Nursery classrooms. Whether it’s safe, supervised play, soothing music, engaging Bible stories, or age appropriate snacks, we will work to make sure your infant or toddler is happy to be with us.
  • Preschool

    Children gain a further introduction to the classic characters and heroes from the Bible in our Preschool classrooms. Bible Lessons, associated crafts, singing & worship, group play, and snacks are planned to engage your child at an age appropriate level.
  • Elementary

    After joining in worship with their families during the first portion of our Sunday morning service, children are dismissed to grade based classes. Children learn how to apply the teachings of the Bible and its practical lessons to their own lives. They’ll participate in games, Bible teaching, scripture memory, and illustrations which are designed to give children a stronger understanding of God’s Word and His plan for them.

Frequent Asked Questions About Children's Ministry

  • What are your procedures for keeping the children safe and accounted for?

    Safety and security are fundamental. We use computer technology to ensure that each child is checked in and accounted for at all times. Children cannot be picked up by an adult without the security tag that is printed out at check-in. Parents can be notified at any time on a screen in the worship service if they are needed in the children's area.
  • Who will be working with my child? Or how can I become involved?

    Our Children's Ministry volunteers are highly dedicated, and they see serving the children and families as a privilege. If you'd like to get involved as a children's ministry volunteer, email us!
  • What should I do if my child is sick?

    For the safety and health of our children, we ask that parents not bring a child into the Children's Ministry if they have exhibited signs of sickness within the last 24 hours. These signs might include non-allergic runny nose, fever, diarrhea, or a productive cough. This is especially important during the cold season as sickness is easily transmitted through children’s play and contact. If a child is dropped off and later observed to be showing signs of sickness, we will contact the parents immediately for the protection of the other children
  • What is available for nursing moms?

    We have a “Cry Room” and nursing moms room available at each end of the upper deck of the sanctuary and you will be able to still see and hear the service.

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