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Since its inception, King’s Park has had a commitment to reach the world with the gospel of Christ. To that end, we have planted a number of churches in the United States and around the world,  totaling almost 70 congregations which trace their origin to our church. For us, church-planting is the natural result of reaching people with the gospel, making disciples, and training leaders. While we remain rooted in our local community, we aspire to international impact through sending missionaries and church planters into the harvest.


In 1995, Pastor Ron Lewis walked through an open door into the nation of China. Through an international student reached with the gospel at UNC and trained at King’s Park, we are planting churches in key urban centers.


In 1992 Taylor and Elizabeth Stewart were sent to Micronesia as missionaries to establish the first international church plant from King’s Park. After ten years of fruitful labor, two churches were planted: Guam and Saipan. Roland and Vilma Gray now pastor the church in Guam, and Eric and Sharon Abragan pastor the church in Saipan, both of which continue to impact Micronesia with the gospel.


After serving in campus ministry, as the King’s Park youth pastors, and as missionaries to Ukraine, Jeff and Ana Bullock moved to Krakow, Poland to plant a church in 1998. Since then, Christ the King Church has grown through its focus on evangelism and making disciples even though the highly Catholic culture is resistant to the message of the gospel.  Przemyslaw Sielatycki is now the Pastor as Jeff and Ana have returned to the US to minister in High Point, NC.


Since an amazing open door presented itself on a scouting trip in 1990, King’s Park has been active in church planting in western Ukraine. Our initial effort was to the city of Lviv, and out of that have come church plants in Ternopil, Novodnistrovsk, Sokiryany, Buchach, and Xotin. King’s Park has had several missionaries involved in Ukraine including Mike and Myra Watkins, Jeff and Ana Bullock, and Tom and Jean Jackson. See what’s happening now in Kiev, Ukraine!


King’s Park is active in Korea through the ministry of Simon Suh, our former Senior Associate Pastor. Sent out in 2002, Pastor Simon and his wife Kristen are pastoring our Every Nation Church in Seoul.


After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill, Tom and his wife, Jean, both worked on staff with King’s Park as campus ministers at UNC. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Tom and Jean were sent out as missionaries to the nation of Ukraine. Their efforts at preaching and church-planting bore fruit, and there are now six churches in western Ukraine. After living in Ukraine for five years, they returned to King’s Park, where Tom served as the Executive Pastor.

They returned to the mission field in September 2005, along with Perry and Danielle Burkholder (now in Seattle, Washington) to plant Center Point Church in Edinburgh, Scotland – to be joined later by Nathan Lewis and Jeff and Ana Bullock. Hear podcasts and see their updates here.


In the United States we have sent out pastors and planted churches in several cities, including Greenville NC, Greensboro NC, Houston, Charlotte, Boston, Philadelphia, and New York. We are thankful for the opportunities God has given us and look forward to more church planting in the years ahead.

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